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Treat someone for any occasion with our hand-crafted gift baskets! Whether they crave high-quality gourmet foods, sweet treats, fine wines or fresh flowers and of course our amazing products, each gift basket delivery is a great way to share smiles with family and friends.


Baskets Delivery for Every Occasion

Maybe you have a special occasion coming up, like a birthday, anniversary, holiday, graduation or another event? Or maybe you simply want to surprise your favorite person with a get well or thank you gift, or just because? Magical Moments Was created for everyone to enjoy. With our Products highlighting each and every basket.

Each basket is unique to fit your custom style. You can trust us to create your basket arrangement to send your EcLIPSe Love.100% Smile Guarantee! Satisfaction Guarantee. Amazing Customer Service. Truly Original Gifts. Fresh Flowers Guaranteed.

Lets Make Your Moment Magical

Below Include Your Name , Email and Phone Number. In the description be sure to leave what type of basket or floral arrangement you’ll like and include which of our products you’ll like to have added. Basket designers will contact you through email or telephone to confirm design plans and delivery dates.

Important Things To Know 

  • Magical Moments was created to fit everyone’s budget. Baskets can range from however much you want to put into creating it. Along side this there’s a $10 service fee to cover the shopping and production of each basket. So be sure to state how much your budget is in the description so we can find what’s best for you.
  • Orders should be made 2-5 days BEFORE requested pickup date and FULL payment must be made also. * All Payments are Covered by FIA , Which is our finance & legal team that ensures your money is being spent 100% on your order.*
  • Requested pickup dates may not fall on our free delivery days and time , Unless you have arrangements for pickup, Third Party Delivery services will be contacted to deliver your order and their additional prices will apply to you.