Pink Mimosa Butterstick


how do I use it?

for the first application, it is recommended to exfoliate with a rice based lip scrub first. this will help buff away dead skin making the balm more effective. this balm is made with light shimmer glitters ! just in case it's not a lipgloss kind of day.

how does it work? 

the Pink Mimosa 
butter-stick with its soft silky application works wonders. once applied vitamin k-1 agents begin correcting dryness, dark spots and even scars.

how do I know its working?

you should feel this butterstick working ! active ingredients such as eucalyptus & capsicum are immediately working from the first swipe. once used consistently for 2 weeks lips should visibly appear more hydrated and smooth.

am | ☼

pm | ☾

made with preservatives and capsicum

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