Strawberry Mojito Scrub

Strawberry Mojito Scrub

how do I use it?

wet lips with a cotton pad or ball, scoop a pea size amount of grains and lightly begin to scrub in a circular motion. ( scrub lightly , the grains will do the hard work). wash off excess grains, then apply a lip balm to lock in moisture and softness.

how do I know it's working?

your lips generate new skin periodically, 'peeling or dryness" is your lips way of getting rid of old skin. the purpose of the scrub is to assist your lips during the peeling stage making it easier to remove dead skin. we're putting emphasis on scrub lightly ! the skin on your lips is very delicate and the smooth surface of the grains can buff the skin without being aggressive.

why should I use a rice scrub over a sugar scrub?

sugar has very sharp edges which can leave behind micro cuts and scratches on your lips. this can cause long term splits, cuts and irritation to your lips. in our scrubs, rice is grounded in its smallest form basically flour. once the oils are added it creates a fluffy crumb-like consistency perfect enough to buff dead skin. and that's on facts !

Fragrance Notes: strawberry mint, peppermint

am | ☼

pm | ☾

made for sensitive & dry lips

this scrub is made with heavier oils for severely dry lips.

*made with preservatives

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